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On appointment, Trident Pension Trustees Limited would take on the role of trustee at a date to be agreed.

From that date onwards, we would fulfil the role of trustee and would liaise with your existing administration, investment, insurance and advisory providers as required to perform the role of trustee.

We would be available as trustee for any email or telephone queries that emerge during the course of a year. Our fee would cover all compliance matters, all email and telephone contact and up to two site meetings per annum.

In the event that we are required to take legal advice in order to properly carry out our function as trustee to a specific scheme, we would require agreement that such legal advice would be charged separately.

We are happy to incorporate sufficient safeguards regarding this issue and to liaise with you regarding legal providers to ensure that any legal advice which might be required is secured on a cost efficient basis.

We are happy to provide client references on request.


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